This will be our 7th Thanksgiving as The Chix.   We are grateful for so many things:

  1. For our continued and unconditional friendship.  It amazes us that we are still on speaking terms after 7 years………..just kidding
  2. For each show that we do.  From the research, to booking our guests, to promoting each show, to keeping the shows fresh and fun.
  3. For the continued and loyal support of our listeners. They are amazing.
  4. For the friends of our guests, who took the time to call in and surprise them.
  5. For our guests, who have all become part of the CHICK FAMILY.  We are forever grateful for their continued support of our show
  6. For not having to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year. We are the guests, this year




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Look, we’ve all been to garage sales. People selling their stuff to other people who are willing to buy their stuff………….cheap!!!! It can be chaotic, dog eat dog, and funny. Actress, Molly Hagan was inspired by her past garage sale experiences and wrote this amazing film about 3 couples selling their “stuff” at a particular garage sale. What makes it so unique, is that the viewer can interact and select, at any given time, which couple they wish to follow. We are excited to be chatting with Molly on Thursday, 11/9 at 3PM/EST. The link will be provided shortly. In the meantime, enjoy the official trailer.



When you first talk to Terri, you feel like you have known her your entire life.  Well, we did chat with Terri, many times, and are proud to call her a life long friend.  She’s not only beautiful….well, just look at that mischievous smile, plus, she is incredibly talented, funny and STAUNCHY.

Her breakout role was portraying the sexy southern vixen, Ashton Main, in the miniseries North and South. With that sultry smile and pouty wiles, she managed to conquer the entire Confederate Army, if you get our drift. Take a look———>

Terri has, also, appeared as Leslie Carrington in Dynasty, big hair and shoulder pads didn’t slow her down…….watch out Joan Collins.  Then, in As the World Turns, she was the scheming Iris Dombrowski. Terri went on to appear in many prime time dramas such as Quantum Leap, ER, Law and Order…….and the list goes on and on.

Terri currently resides in New York City with her husband. She is the proud mom of Molly, who can be seen on Broadway in Waitress ( the talent runs in this family)…and the proud mom of the Bo, the most adorable ball of white fluff puppy this side of Manhattan. Last year, Terri and her sister started a business called Sisters Alchemy, making homemade organic soaps that smell good enough to eat. (www.sistersalchemy.com )

Terri first appeared on our show in 2012, where we surprised her with very person she has ever met, call in.  That didn’t seem to scare her off since she has returned many times to chat with the CHIX.   Take a listen———————–>